Lough Corrib is Ireland's second biggest lake, stretching along 50 Km (35 miles) with an area of 200 SqKm (42K acres). Lough Corrib is Ireland's prime location for Brown Trout fishing and probably by now the best wild Brown Trout lake in Europe. Lough Corrib also has a large stock of Perch, some very sizeable Pike as well as Atlantic Salmon in season. Other species less frequently caught are Eel, Roach, Rudd and Bream.

Brown Trout
SalmonLough Corrib is Ireland's most prolific Brown Trout water, which has produced more than 40,000 fish over a period of 3 seasons. The appearance of this species varies depending on its habit in the lake. The average size ranges from 1 ½ - 2 lbs. with the beautiful coloured Gillaroo frequently reaching up to 3 lbs. or more.
The lake is famous for its big Ferox Trout. This strain of Brown Trout, which largely feeds on other fish, commonly weighs 7 - 10 lbs. and can even reach a weight in excess of 20 lbs.Salmon
The Brown Trout season opens on 15 Feb. and closes on 30 Sep.; the most productive time is in April & May, but August & September can also be quite good.
Early in the season most fish is taken by trolling artificial lures (spinners, spoons, wobblers) or the natural minnow. From April onwards the Wet Flies and Nymphs will come into their own. Dapping the Mayfly is very popular from Mid May to early June and the dapping of the Daddy Long-Leg can be quite good in late Summer. Dry Flies (specifically Sedges) provide an exiting alternative during the Summer evenings.
For Ferox Trout mounted Roach or large Spinners and Wobblers seem to be the most successful baits trolled along the shelf of the shallows or over deeper water with broken ground.
The minimum size limit for Brown Trout on Lough Corrib is 33 cm (13 inches).

Perch MayoPerch
There is a large stock of Perch in the lake averaging ¾ lbs., but fish up to 3 lbs. have also been taken. Spinners and small wobblers are excellent lures for this species. The most productive period for Perch is late April to the end of September.

perch-pike-mayo-IrelandAlthough not as frequently caught as Trout or Perch on the Upper Lough Corrib, these fish can be very sizeable. The average weight is 4-8 lbs. but fish of over 30 lbs. are caught from time to time. Jerks, large Spinners, Spoons, Wobblers or mounted Roach and Perch are the most successful baits. As for Perch, the most productive period for Pike on the Corrib stretches from April to late September.

perch-pike-mayo-Ireland perch-pike-mayo-Ireland


Salmon are usually caught from April until September. The best months are, however, late May, June and July, but much depends on the prevailing weather conditions and the amount of water that will allow the fish to ascend from the Sea through the River Corrib to the Lake.
Once in the lake, the fish tend to frequent certain lies and to be successful local knowledge is very important.
Spoons and spinners are most frequently used on Lough Corrib, but Shrimp, Worm and Streamers can be very successful on some Salmon marks as well.
Grilse average 4 - 7 lbs. with larger Salmon of up to 20 lbs. or over are being caught most years.

Sea Fishing

Sea fishing MayoIreland is famous in Europe for its variety of fish that can be caught in the sea. Over 40 different species can be encountered when fishing from the boat or the shore.
Inishmacatreer is not far from venues like Westport, Clifden or Killala, from where Deep Sea Angling Boats can be chartered. We can assist you in planning a day of fishing on the sea.
Pollack, Ling, Conger, Cod, Coalfish, Whiting, Haddock, Wrasse, various Flatfish, Ray, Spurdog and Spotted Dogfish and even Blue Shark are some of the species to be caught.


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Lough Corrib is Ireland's prime location for Brown Trout fishing and probably by now the best wild Brown Trout lake in Europe.

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